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, Kanye West: “Bitcoiners understand how to liberate humanity”, Forex-News, Forex-News
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Kanye West: “Bitcoiners understand how to liberate humanity”

, Kanye West: “Bitcoiners understand how to liberate humanity”, Forex-News, Forex-News


, Kanye West: “Bitcoiners understand how to liberate humanity”, Forex-News, Forex-News

Eccentric rapper and presidential candidate Kanye West indicated that he finds it interesting that Bitcoiners have an idea about “The true liberation of America and humanity”.

In effect, the artist said that he has recently been talking to his Bitcoiner friends about the crypto world. In fact, he noted that he did so in preparation for the interview with Joe Rogan, an MMA fighter, libertarian, comedian and self-described «Psychedelic adventurer”.

For context, Joe Rogan has long been a supporter of cryptocurrencies. Interviewing Bitcoin evangelist Andreas Antonopoulos several times, and prompting guests like Jack Dorsey on the subject.

Bitcoiners understand how to liberate humanity

Anyway, this October 24, Kanye West took some time to discuss Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. This time, he did it on the most recent episode of Joe Rogan Experience.

In this regard, Kanye West emphasized:

“The Bitcoiners, they are guys who really have a perspective on what the true liberation of America and humanity will be.”

He also added: “Jack dorsey, decentralized Twitter two months before the pandemic hit for real. Really, I’ve been talking to the Bitcoiners”.

“Specifically, these guys were able to use the new information highways. Also, create the new frontier of our existence.

As a curious fact, West does not touch the subject of Bitcoin more in the three hours of the conversation with Joe Rogan.

Views of the eccentric Kanye West

As if that were not enough, this has not been the only proximity of the eccentric rapper with the crypto ecosystem. In 2014, he filed a lawsuit against a crypto project, which used his image to promote a fun token, for the hip hop community.

In a way, Kanye West is well aware of the benefits of Bitcoin. By the way, in a 2018 interview with Charlamagne, he commented on his interest in using Bitcoin as a form of safeguard of value.

Also, he mentioned his dissatisfaction with the style of the $ 20 bill. Mentioning that it reminded him of slavery and made him want to use Bitcoin.

Kanye West, a celebrity for the 2020 presidency

To recall, rapper, singer, songwriter, producer, entrepreneur, fashion designer and Bitcoin follower Kanye West expressed that he would run for the presidency of the States in 2020.

Consequently, this was announced on July 4 (the day that the Independence of the United States is celebrated). Through his Twitter account.

In short, among the people who offered their support is Elon musk. Who tweeted in response to the singer’s announcement: «You have all my support«.

To conclude, in the crypto world not all Bitcoiners have taken a positive approach towards Kanye West. Is it true? Leave us your opinion in the comment box.

I close with this phrase from Kanye West: “My greatest recognition is what I am about to do«.


, Kanye West: “Bitcoiners understand how to liberate humanity”, Forex-News, Forex-News

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, Kanye West: “Bitcoiners understand how to liberate humanity”, Forex-News, Forex-News

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