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Justin Sun announces Djen loan platform


Justin Sun continues to make headlines, even in the midst of the Coronavirus crisis. Well, shortly after having been on everyone’s lips due to the coup d’etat that it gave on the Steem Blockchain. Sun now announces the launch of the Djen loan platform, in our Tweet of today.

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The birth of the Djen loan platform

Justin Sun seems to have intentions to continue expanding his empire, becoming undoubtedly one of the most important Blockchain entrepreneurs, if he is not yet the most important. And this time it does so by announcing the launch of the Djen loan platform. Which is based, how could it be otherwise, on the tokens of Tron.

Djen would have a very similar operation to that of MakerDAO, which has generated controversy within the crypto community. Come in Djen a plagiarism to the operation of DAO.

Thus, Djen users will be able to use their Tron or BitTorrent tokens as collaterals to mine USDJ, the Djen token. Thus serving as a guarantee on the loan that you would be receiving in USDJ, and on which you would be charged monthly interest.

The name of the platform would have been suggested by Mike McCarthy, one of Tron’s most important whales, after Sun opened a public consultation to choose what the platform would be called. Djen apparently would be a name used in the Ancient Egyptian and whose closest translation is “stability

For their part, the accusations of plagiarism against Djen have gained momentum, now that many of the names of the Djen loan platform contracts have been found to be identical to those of the previous version of Makeficiente. Including names like SaiProxyCallAndExecute, DaiFab, MomFab, DadFab.

All this promises to generate a new controversy around Justin Sun, if he fails to explain the similarities between the two projects. The one that would add to previous accusations of plagiarism against Tron, for having originally been practically a copy of the Ethereum platform.

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