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John McAfee mocks his bet with Bitcoin


John McAfee is probably one of the most controversial figures in the crypto world. And, the antivirus tycoon has a complicated reputation at best. With histories of arrests, charges before the justice of several countries, and reckless comments on social networks. Among them, the bet he made that Bitcoin would reach the million dollars by 2020 or eat his penis. However, now John McAfee mocks those who believed in his bet on the Tweet of the day.

John McAfee and his start with Bitcoin

Several years have passed since John McAfee launched his famous bet. In it, the millionaire promised to eat his member if the price of Bitcoin did not reach one million dollars by 2020. In what many considered was the best sign of optimism surrounding the cryptocurrency, especially after the bullish rally of the year 2017.

However, as the years have passed, the price of Bitcoin does not seem to be close to reaching the figure proposed by John McAfee. The millionaire has begun to regret the bet made. Even going so far as to deny the value of Bitcoin. Despite having repeatedly manifested his penchant for cryptocurrency.

, John McAfee mocks his bet with Bitcoin, Forex-News, Forex-News
The price of Bitcoin is still far from a million, so now John McAfee is making fun of those who believed in his bet. Source: CoinDesk

Thus, John McAfee has described Bitcoin as “shitcoin” through his Twitter account. Clarifying that he does not plan to eat anything even if he loses the bet. Getting to the point of making fun of those who believed in their bet, with a message through their Twitter account inviting them to wake up:

I am the person who predicted that Bitcoin, the most crippled cryptocurrency, would reach a million dollars. Are you one of the people who didn’t see the absurd humor in it? I published it the same day that I predicted that sex with whales would replace Surf as the number one water sport. Awake!

With this message, John McAfee would demonstrate once again that he is one of the most fickle characters. He had no problem changing his word for convenience. Well, although few could expect him to fulfill such a bet, denying his convictions in this way is incredible.

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