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Is Tron about to overtake Ethereum?


In recent days, the crypto market has turned its attention to the development of Tron. And it is that, the cryptocurrency created by Justin Sun, has reached the record number of 10 million users within its Blockchain. Consolidating, as well as one of the most important virtual currencies in the world. Thanks to this, more and more members of the crypto community are wondering if Tron is about to overtake Ethereum. As David Gokhshtein seems to suggest in the Tweet of the day:

Tron and Ethereum’s race

Ethereum has long reigned alone over the decentralized applications sector. Concentrating within its ecosystem most of the smart contracts, crypto games and decentralized finance protocols created in recent years.

This has generated positive effects for the creators of Blockchain applications, allowing interoperability between the different protocols, since they are all located in the Ethereum chain. However, it has also brought negative consequences for the crypto world. Well, due to the large number of transactions that take place every day in ETH, the commissions on them have reached exaggerated figures. Something that Tron could take advantage of.

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Does the price of Tron and its growing number of users mean that Tron is about to surpass Ethereum? Source: CoinMarketCap

And, one of the greatest advantages of Tron over Ethereum is that the currency created by Justin Sun has greater scalability. Being able to handle a higher transaction flow than Ethereum, charging much lower commissions. This has caused many to consider the possibility that decentralized projects in ETH begin to migrate to Tron in the near future, as Gokhshtein comments:

«You don’t have to like #TRON, but there is no denying that having your product on their Blockchain right now is beneficial«.

  • Super fast transaction speed.
  • Just commissions to carry out a transaction.

Ethereum has to improve its game.

Although at the moment the dominance of Ethereum seems impossible to challenge. If the cryptocurrency fails to overcome its scalability problems in the short term. It is possible that another coin like Tron will eventually surpass ETH and become the benchmark for creating decentralized applications.

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