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, Is a rise in the price of Bitcoin imminent?, Forex-News, Forex-News
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Is a rise in the price of Bitcoin imminent?

, Is a rise in the price of Bitcoin imminent?, Forex-News, Forex-News

, Is a rise in the price of Bitcoin imminent?, Forex-News, Forex-News

The price of Bitcoin continues without continuity. Last Thursday in my previous report I said:

Will we go up? This is what the reader wants to know ».

I’ll get wet again. Not for the moment. At least in the next few hours. Then already … it will depend, for what we handle, of the Infallible as indicated to us: if it manages to detach itself from the border that prevents the hikes no matter how much news there is, that is to say that it moves away from 30% definitively. Right now at 29.70%… same as when I started writing this report; and this is very little margin as to throw the bells to the flight ».

And just like that. BTC rose a bit, after posting, and began to fall and rebound again and more volatility … although it is said that it has not fallen much since these last two days:

And so we continue. Neither continuity in the rises, and that with great news and all, nor considerable drops: not even increasing the Infallible (bad for BTC) again because it left the range of purchases that had just entered timidly. Yesterday it was at 31.00% -no update on weekends. But of course, we are right by the increase in our indicator to that “NO wet” on Thursday that was said …

And there we are, and the one who continues to subscribe here still maintains what was said and read above in quotation marks. And it must be a few hours … for the Bitcoin to rise, but before that it may have to give something else.

At the moment it is 7:40 p.m. Spanish while the BTCUSD remains almost at the level of the price of yesterday’s minimum: between 46.3K to 46.9K. Far from its historical maximum, also made in the early Spanish morning yesterday, of 48.9K.

Here are our indicators, and those of other analysts, for the future forecast to take into account for the possible trend of the most prominent cryptocurrencies …

Bitcoin forecast

Advance charts valid for Bitcoin and other currencies that maintain a high correlation with this mother cryptocurrency …

A- Medium Term (Weekly)

, Is a rise in the price of Bitcoin imminent?, Forex-News, Forex-News
Medium-term Bitcoin trend

Follow this chart / indicator for the Medium Term with great optimism so far. Hopefully it lasts. But if we look at the right side it points to a certain Lateralism …

We are bullish as long as the brown line above lasts and that it does not give way or make a threat of heading … if so, if there is any significant change, the one who subscribes here, and signs above, usually leaves updates of this indicator in its Twitter… And will report on it.

B- Long Term

, Is a rise in the price of Bitcoin imminent?, Forex-News, Forex-News
Long-term Bitcoin trend

He continues to try to get out of the Bullish-Side in which he was already almost three weeks, he raises his head a little more.

Less likely to vary than the previous graph / indicator.

Other forecasts

In the Swiss market, the current positions open by large investors are as follows …

Watch out for this: marks the green band above 70% … although a few hours ago it was close to 73%. This -in general lines- is very good, it assures us of buybacks in the case of transferring the Bitcoin. And the higher the better; obviously … and more likely to start shopping as soon as possible and, in turn, would be suggesting a greater route.

This indicator of real positions of the Swiss market for Bitcoin and, also, Ethereum can be followed in real time (even weekends) in the last link of this Post.

Note: We must bear in mind that for there to be a permanent downward turn or serious debacle type: the green bar would have to be close to 25%.

Also, leading analysts believe and maintain that the lowest price for Bitcoin for the future will be (at least) in the 41,261 USD.

And the highest price predicted by the same experts? It would be up to 56,930 USD… They have been stretched here in their bullish projection for the next few days, if they happen.

Soaring targets continue to be posted for the price of Bitcoin. We remain cautious and continue to prefer to refer to the previous two paragraphs. We go little by little.

For Trading we take into account the following fees as supports and resistances:

  • (R3): 50,819
  • (R2): 49,768
  • (R1): 48,645

Pivot Point: 47,594

  • (S1): 46,470
  • (S2): 45,419
  • (S3): 44,295

And now a look at the always-often “Fear” indicator:

Again, for days, he remains totally optimistic. Maybe very confident.

Let’s review other Cryptocurrencies and what other leading analysts predict about them:

Ethereum (ETHUSD): Very followed in recent weeks and days. Many expectations placed on this cryptocurrency.

Your price right now for US $ 1,795.

They show, the gentlemen of WalletInvestor, a correction in the making … before continuing with increases.

For Trading they suggest:

  • (R3): 2,006
  • (R2): 1,933
  • (R1): 1,888

Pivot Point 1,816

  • (S1): 1,771
  • (S2): 1,699
  • (S3): 1,654

For the lowest price they predict: 1,687 USD. And the highest price: 2,207 USD.

Binance (BNB / USD): beating and setting bullish records in recent days. Let’s see…

Your price right now for US $ 132.13 as for BNBUSD.

Well, they also expect a slight correction … and then to continue with the increases.

For Trading they suggest the following border values ​​to take into account:

  • (R3): 161.22
  • (R2): 150.27
  • (R1): 143.69

Pivot Point 132.74

  • (S1): 126.17
  • (S2): 115.22
  • (S3): 108.65

For the lowest price they predict: 117.06 USD. And the highest price: 242.94 USD.

Our guest cryptocurrency this week is LTCUSD: Very hot these last days and even weeks.

Its price at the moment of writing this Post is for US $ 217.55.

Well the same, they also expect correction. According to the gentlemen of

For Trading they suggest:

  • (R3): 225.85
  • (R2): 212.49
  • (R1): 204.86

Pivot Point: 191.51

  • (S1): 183.87
  • (S2): 170.52
  • (S3): 162.88

For the lowest price they predict: 183.38 USD. And the highest price: 252.04 USD.


Having shown different angles on the perspectives of some of the most important cryptocurrencies … to say that, apparently, everything points to a correction in all the exposed ones; and including Bitcoin: this and last because I consider it that way. But as I agree with the website and, after a few more drops, the purchases should come.

The graphs (sections A and B) seen here are very positive. Especially A, not to vary. And also the Swiss scoreboard. This makes us think that it will not take many hours to attend new rises in Bitcoin.

The negative the Infallible: entered and left the shopping area. After having been in the selling zone (or not bullish) since January 8 … and, by little (31%), it has decided to return to it. We’ll see how it updates tomorrow night.

I take this opportunity to say that it will soon be available automatically. A few days ago we broadcast a few hours. You can see 2 videos, we had to interrupt the broadcast to make some adjustments, on our YouTube channel … and it would also be good if there were subscribers so that they would receive the notification when we start broadcasting: we estimate that from next week.

And of course… the prediction graph of the gentlemen; just in case:

Much, much caution, and our best wishes for your Trading and / or investments.

The author reserves the right to reveal what graphic and indicator material he uses. Just note that Moving Averages are used: although it may not be based on the Bitcoin instrument, although it does serve to predict its trend.

You can follow automated analysis (Real Time) of cryptocurrencies here.

, Is a rise in the price of Bitcoin imminent?, Forex-News, Forex-News

, Is a rise in the price of Bitcoin imminent?, Forex-News, Forex-News

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, Is a rise in the price of Bitcoin imminent?, Forex-News, Forex-News

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