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, Investors think Bitcoin will not exceed $ 50,000 by 2030, Forex-News, Forex-News
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Investors think Bitcoin will not exceed $ 50,000 by 2030

, Investors think Bitcoin will not exceed $ 50,000 by 2030, Forex-News, Forex-News

, Investors think Bitcoin will not exceed $ 50,000 by 2030, Forex-News, Forex-News

The British Virgin Islands-based institutional mining platform Genesis Mining published the findings of a survey of 1,000 current and former Bitcoin investors based in the United States. Two-thirds of whom believe that BTC is a better long-term store of value than the dollar.

More than half of those surveyed believe that Bitcoin will beat gold, real estate, and the stock market in the next 5 to 10 years. And 65% express their faith that the value of BTC will continue to appreciate over time.

But despite the seemingly favorable sentiment, only 17% of respondents predicted that the price of Bitcoin would exceed $ 50K by 2030. The rest believe that Bitcoin will not exceed $ 50,000. This would only require the price to rise 160% over the next 10 years. While BTC has already gained 166.5% so far this year.

Another 17% predicted that the price of Bitcoin will actually fall over the next decade. While one sixth of respondents did not feel safe to speculate on the long-term performance of BTC’s price.

In total, 50.1% of those surveyed estimated that BTC will be worth $ 20,000 or less in 2030. A third said the price will be $ 10,000 or less, and 11.8% predicted prices below $ 1,001. In essence, the majority of investors surveyed are betting that the top cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, will not exceed $ 50,000 by 2030.

MicroStrategy’s Michael Saylor explains how BTC can go up in price more than 80 times

The CEO of the MicroStrategy company, Michael Saylor, assured that the value of BTC could increase exponentially. And that the digital currency would be worth 80 times more than its current price.

This was stated by the MicroStrategy executive during an interview organized by the Binance team. In which he discussed with the CEO of the exchange, Changpeng Zhao (CZ), about some aspects of interest associated with the present and the future of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

In this regard, Saylor assured that BTC needs to see an important change in the perspective in which many people and entities perceive it. Therefore, it must stop being perceived as a highly volatile speculative asset and become one of the means to store value for the future.

In relation to the above approaches, Saylor commented:

“The speculative narrative was predominant before March, but that is not going to attract 99% of investors or of the money that moves in the world… they want something different. They want BTC as the ultimate long-term reserve asset. “

“It is a safe haven asset designed to be superior to gold in all respects for the ultimate bearer … If people leave gold and enter Bitcoin I do not guarantee that 1% of investors will get 1% of the capital they invest … I’m talking about 100% of investors deriving profits of at least 50%.

US Senator Elect Says Bitcoin Is An Alternative Path Should Fiat Money Fail

Cynthia Lummis, an American politician who is the United States Senator-elect for Wyoming, believes that BTC will be crucial in case the fiat system collapses. On a recent episode of the “What Bitcoin Did” podcast.

In the episode he expressed that there is support available to all governments in different countries of the world. And, that backing is BTC. Now when it comes to crypto regulations, the state of Wyoming has been quite ahead.

In fact, regulators recently approved the Wyoming State Banking Board as a Special Purpose Depository Institution (SPDI) statute for Avanti Financial. Which makes it the second company to become a “crypto bank.”

It’s no wonder then that Lummis from Wyoming wants to raise awareness of Bitcoin in the Senate and explains why:

“I really want to use my time in the US Senate in part to help introduce the Bitcoin issue.”

In a few lines …

  • Digital asset manager Grayscale Investments has passed another milestone. Reaching $ 13 billion in assets under management on December 14 for the first time.
  • The data tweeted by the firm showed that the largest holdings remain in Bitcoin, and that the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust has $ 10.82 billion in the main crypto asset. The company’s Ethereum Trust now has $ 1.72 billion in AUM.
  • Ihor Kolomoyskiy, a billionaire and former governor of one of Ukraine’s provinces, reportedly was running a Bitcoin mining operation at a steel factory in Kentucky.

, Investors think Bitcoin will not exceed $ 50,000 by 2030, Forex-News, Forex-News

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, Investors think Bitcoin will not exceed $ 50,000 by 2030, Forex-News, Forex-News

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