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How to invest in cryptocurrencies with Grayscale


With each passing day, more people enter the crypto world, or begin to consider doing so. Especially after the big bullish rally of 2017 showed the huge profits that can be generated by investing in cryptocurrencies. However, sometimes buying crypto assets becomes a tedious process. Therefore, today we explain what Grayscale is and how to invest in cryptocurrencies with this company.

The challenge of having cryptocurrencies

For a large part of the population, cryptocurrencies were totally unknown until 2017. When, after the second Halving of Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency in history exponentially increased its price. Getting to touch the 20,000 dollars and enriching many investors in the process.

This attracted the attention of thousands of people around the world, including investors with hundreds of thousands of dollars as capital. Those who began to see cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, high-risk investments, but also with large and rapid returns on investment.

However, there is a problem: having crypto assets is not easy. And, although Blockchain technology has increased our control over our own economy, this empowerment has also meant an increase in responsibility for our own money.

That means that an investor who wants to invest in Bitcoin or some other cryptocurrency will have to take care of buying the crypto assets, choosing an appropriate and safe wallet, storing the money and mobilizing it every time they want to invest. Not to mention establishing and remembering all the security barriers that must be established to protect our wallet from cyber attacks.

The Grayscale solution

This is why Grayscale was born. A cryptocurrency investment firm, which serves as an intermediary between those who want to invest in these assets and cryptocurrencies. Issuing financial products equivalent to the value of these assets, which can be purchased by investors.

Thus, instead of buying Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash, you just have to acquire an equivalent participation in the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (BTC) or in the Grayscale Bitcoin Cash Trust (BCH). And the value of your investment will vary according to how the value of the cryptocurrency does, subtracting a small commission as payment for the Grayscale service.

In this way, large and small investors can avoid the worry of having to purchase their own cryptocurrencies. Leaving this job at Grayscale, and concentrating solely on claiming their benefits as soon as they are earned. With commissions ranging between 2 and 3% depending on the cryptocurrency in which you want to invest.

Currently, they have cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, XRP, Ethereum Classic, Horizen, Litecoin, Stellar and ZCash.

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Investing in cryptocurrencies with Grayscale is very simple

Furthermore, as all of these products are registered with US regulatory institutions, they can be purchased by institutional investors who cannot directly purchase cryptocurrencies, such as retirement funds. With stakes as small as $ 10.68.

Thus, Grayscale becomes the best option for those who want to diversify their portfolio, without the problems associated with the acquisition of cryptocurrencies. Being able to start investing now in the financial products of the company from its website.

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