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How to accept cryptocurrencies in my business: Xpay


We come to the last part of our series dedicated to explaining how we can accept cryptocurrencies in our businesses. And we do it talking about one of the most important payment processors with cryptocurrencies in Latin America, Xpay, where you will have an alternative to BitPay. In addition to giving final recommendations to all those entrepreneurs who will join the crypto world accepting crypto assets in their businesses.

Xpay, an alternative to BitPay

Within the crypto world, there are several initiatives focused on regional markets, which try to offer quality products with specialized customer service. This is the case of Xpay, a payment processor located in Latin America that offers a cryptocurrency payment processing service for businesses.

The operation of Xpay is quite similar to that of BitPay. When a client wants to pay for their purchase with cryptocurrencies, Xpay generates a QR code that, when scanned, allows the operation to be carried out.

Once the client sends the cryptocurrencies using the Xpay code, the platform transfers the equivalent in fiat money to the entrepreneur, charging a 3% + commission VAT.

Xpay currently accepts payments in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash and DAI. And it is mainly used in the Colombian and Venezuelan market. So the Panda Group platform provides quality customer service, thanks to its knowledge of the local market.

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How to accept cryptocurrencies in your business? The answer is: Xpay

So: Do ​​I accept cryptocurrencies in my business?

After this series of articles, we hope to have convinced you, dear reader, of the value that it can have for your business to start accepting cryptocurrencies.

After all, when more and more people enter the crypto world, your acceptance of crypto assets will give you a competitive advantage over other companies. In addition to giving you an advantageous position if the cryptocurrencies finally achieve the massification, and face you to the fiat money.

And it is that, after all, it is a zero risk bet to accept cryptocurrencies in your business. Above all, if you take advantage of the multiple options that we have presented to you throughout this series. And ranging from trusted wallets like Exodus to payment processors like BitPay.

However, regardless of which option you choose, we want to remind our readers that ultimately, the responsibility for the security of your business rests solely with you.

So, no matter if they choose to accept cryptocurrency payments directly or through payment processors, they must take minimal security measures to ensure that they are safe from cybercrime.

Sometimes, things as simple as not sharing our passwords, or being careful when opening our account on a strange computer, are forgotten.

The advantage of cryptocurrencies is that they return responsibility for their finances to users. So, at the same time that we encourage you to join the crypto world as soon as possible, we ask that you do so safely and responsibly, in order to truly take advantage of all the potential that the crypto world has to offer you.

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