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Hospitals join IBM Blockchain against COVID-19


Northwell Health, the largest health group in New York State with more than 800 hospitals, join the new network created by the IBM Blockchain, Rapid Supplier Connect, to buy the necessary supplements against COVID-19.

This network is an application based on cloud technology, which uses a distribution book to help companies source the goods they need to deal with COVID-19.

Hospitals allied with the IBM Blockchain

With the increase in demand, research to find new suppliers takes a long time. Given the current need, Northwell Health and NY hospitals team up with the IBM Blockchain to quickly fill needs and verify new providers.

“Northwell Health has had adequate supplies to protect patients and our staff during the increase in Covid-19 patient cases in New York.”said Phyllis McCready, Northwell Health Vice President and Head of Procurement.

It is through the creation of our own group purchasing organizations (GPO) and supply chain, and the joining of forces with non-traditional suppliers that we have maintained an adequate stock of personal protective equipment (PPE) and other equipment and supplies , so we are pleased to join IBM Rapid Supplier ConnectPhyllis McCready commented

IBM Relief Providers

IBM last week launched the Rapid Supplier Connect program to link buyers with new suppliers, who have switched their manufacturing process to medical equipment. In this sense, the services are available at no cost until August 31, 2020 for qualified buyers and suppliers in the United States and Canada.

Because provider organizations and government agencies face a critical shortage of medical supplies. This network offers the incorporation of an emergency supplier and the availability of inventories in the fight against COVID-19.

In addition to this, IBM has the Supply Chain Federation. Which is made up of more than 200 members based in the United States. It also has 3,000 members internationally.

In this way, suppliers create a digital identity with key information about acquisitions within the platform. They can also list the product categories they support and the availability of their inventories.

In this way, buyers and suppliers conduct separate transactions outside the network. All users are supported by the Rapid Supplier Connect support team.

What does IBM say?

In a brief Forbes interview with Mark Treshock, IBM’s global leader in Blockchain solutions.

He himself said that “we want to help fight COVID-19. Rapid Supplier Connect can link suppliers to buyers who may never have met

Faced with the COVID-19 crisis, the need for speed is necessary to keep pace with demand. For this reason, Treshock comments that:

With healthcare workers and other first responders feeling the impact of supply chains disrupted by unprecedented challenges. Many large and small companies outside of the traditional healthcare procurement system are reconfiguring to mass-produce masks, gowns, and other essential supplies.

Thus, to begin shopping, these buyers need help identifying new suppliers. Examine and incorporate them efficiently and understand the availability of your inventory in real time.

For this reason, Mark Treshock affirms that the network will be very helpful for all those buyers such as hospitals, state procurement divisions, pharmacies, among others.

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