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Hodlers control 63% of Bitcoins


In the crypto world there are two types of users. There are Bitcoin traders, who carry out more or less frequent transactions with the cryptocurrency in search of profit. And there are the Hodlers, long-term investors in BTC. Those who keep their savings in the virtual currency waiting for its price to increase before selling them. And today, it has become known that Hodlers control 63% of Bitcoins in circulation.

What are the Hodlers?

Since the birth of Bitcoin, there has been a group of people who have believed in the long-term project. Accumulating a significant amount of Bitcoin, and saving them in their wallets. This is due to the conviction that the cryptocurrency will have a much higher value in the future, or that its use as a currency of exchange will become widespread.

Those who carry out this activity are commonly known as Hodlers. And after the big bull rally of 2017, when the price of Bitcoin briefly touched $ 20,000 per BTC, thousands of people have adopted this investment strategy.

Thanks to this, Bitcoin has been gaining fame over time as an asset store of value. Due to the use that the Hodlers give it, who trust that cryptocurrency is an investment capable of maintaining and multiplying their capital. What has already begun to attract institutional investors, which through investment funds like Grayscale, are acquiring millions of dollars in BTC daily.

63% of Bitcoins in circulation

This is how, over time, Hodlers have become an increasingly important part of the crypto market. Currently accumulating 63.3% of all the Bitcoin that has ever been mined (11.7 million), as commented in a Tweet analysis firm Glassnode. Which would mean that high-frequency trading with cryptocurrency represents only a minority fraction of the market as a whole.

The confidence shown by the Hodlers in Bitcoin would be most impressive when looking at the percentage of total BTC liquidity that has not been mobilized in over 3 years. Thus, 31.4% of the world’s Bitcoins, equivalent to 5.8 million BTC and around 61.550 million dollars, have remained inactive in this time.

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Hodlers control 63% of the Bitcoins ever mined. Source: Glassnode

These figures would be important for a cryptocurrency that from time to time faces criticism both inside and outside the crypto market. Demonstrating with this the confidence that BTC users have in the value of the cryptocurrency, and in its future growth. What can be decisive to define the trend of the price of Bitcoin in the market.

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