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Hackers ask for $ 4 million in Bitcoin in Argentina


Hackers have attacked the Argentine Migration Directorate causing a temporary closure of its borders and, as expected, they are asking for ransom in Bitcoin.

Crypto is used again for evil

According to security news site Bleeping Computer, Argentina’s National Directorate of Migration suffered an attack by Netwalker ransomware that temporarily halted the border crossing into and out of the country on August 27.

Yes, the hackers caused Argentina’s borders to be temporarily closed, but now the question is whether or not the authorities will pay the ransom in Bitcoin.

Border authorities discovered that computer systems were compromised by an unidentified virus. Consequently, they decided to shut down the central servers in order to prevent the virus from spreading.

And therefore all immigration offices and checkpoints were out of service for four hours.

Bleeping Computer posted on Twitter an image showing a ransom note on Tor sent to the immigration agency where they basically require you to pay to be released and, of course, in Bitcoin.

According to the report, the hackers initially demanded $ 2 million in Bitcoin as a ransom. However, after seven days, that figure increased to $ 4 million.

It would not be the first time that Bitcoin has been used as a means to do evil, however, the hackers who have attacked Argentina are ambitious.

Even so, the authorities have decided to maintain their position and not give in to the attack. According to Infobae, officials assured that “They will not negotiate with hackers and they are not overly concerned with getting that data back.”

In this way, it is the first time that Bitcoin has been involved in an attack that directly affected the border controls of a nation. This time the hackers attacked Argentina, will there be a next one?

Crypto pressure released on Ethereum?

According to data from BitInfoCharts, average transaction fees on Ethereum have been declining since Friday.

For those who do not know, crypto has been going through difficult times due to the congestion that has been generated in the network. So much so that, on September 2, the average fees on Ethereum peaked at $ 14.58.

However, the price of Ethereum plummeted and this had an impact on network fees.

In this way, the average fees on Ethereum have decreased by about 77% from Wednesday of last week to yesterday, according to data from BitInfoCharts.

However, despite being a significant decrease, the current average still maintains a fairly high level in the history of crypto.

SushiSwap problems continue

As we reported in CriptoTendencia, during the weekend quite controversial events occurred around the DeFi protocol and its SUSHI token. However, everything seemed to have been fixed in the crypto community but no.

Today Jong Seok Park posted an article on Medium noting that SushiSwap appears to be vulnerable to a bug that could multiply someone’s governing power without having to acquire new tokens.

The good news is that CoinTelegraph reached out to now SushiSwap leader Sam Bankman-Fried, who confirmed the bug and assured that it is not an immediate problem for Sushi.

Therefore, we know that it is considered for the future. But how will this affect your SUSHI crypto?

Willy Woo maintains bullish sentiment on Bitcoin

Bitcoin has had a pretty rough couple of days, however, Willy Woo remains bullish.

The market analyst he pointed that local on-chain indicators are turning bullish. So even though crypto has plunged almost 20% from its annual peak, activity on the network remains relatively stable.

In a few lines …

  • Peter schiff he pointed that Bitcoin has returned to a bear market.
  • Binance still maintains its plans to launch its card in Russia despite recent regulation, Gleb Kostarev told CoinTelegraph.
  • Sunny Decree, a youtuber from the crypto community, assured that YouTube stopped his live stream and offered him a warning.
  • Scott Melker calmed his followers by ensure that despite Bitcoin’s recent crash, the price of crypto remains high.

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