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, Ethereum hit a new all-time high above $ 4,200!, Forex-News, Forex-News
Ethereum Classic

Ethereum hit a new all-time high above $ 4,200!

, Ethereum hit a new all-time high above $ 4,200!, Forex-News, Forex-News


, Ethereum hit a new all-time high above $ 4,200!, Forex-News, Forex-News
, Ethereum hit a new all-time high above $ 4,200!, Forex-News, Forex-News

The second most important cryptocurrency on the market, Ethereum, recorded a new all-time high. It rose above $ 4,000 for the first time. The price of Ether, which has already skyrocketed five-fold this year, extended its rally early Monday. The new milestone comes just a week after breaking $ 3,000.

This year’s earnings have been fueled by speculation from new market participants betting on decentralized finance (DeFi), which consists of blockchain-based trading and lending platforms that aim to automate many functions of banks and others. traditional financial firms. The Ethereum blockchain serves as the foundation for much of DeFi, and it is also the foundation for many non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Another hot trend in the cryptocurrency markets.

Ethereum’s market capitalization is now roughly $ 470 billion. Approaching the $ 488 billion stock valuation for JPMorgan Chase, America’s largest bank. After the price of Ethereum registered a new historical maximum, its price is trading at USD 3,980 with an increasing variation of + 1.35% according to what our Crypto Online tool indicates.

Last week, ETH surpassed Bank of America as the 28th largest asset in the world. At $ 454.49 billion today, ETH has surpassed the market capitalization of consumer staples giants Wal-Mart and Johnson and Johnson.

Elon Musk calls Dogecoin a scam

The price of Dogecoin fell after Elon Musk called it a “scam” during an appearance on a television show called “Saturday Night Live.”

The cryptocurrency launched in 2013 plummeted 36% after the statements were released on Saturday. However, as of today, the cryptocurrency has regained lost strength. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts were anxious in the days leading up to this appearance. Since due to a tweet from the CEO of Tesla it was the main driver of the cryptocurrency.

When asked “What is Dogecoin?” Musk replied, “It is the future of the currency. It is an unstoppable vehicle that will take over the world. When the cast member of the show Michael Che replied, “So it’s a scam?” Musk replied, “Yes, it is a scam” and laughed.

It is also important to mention that the rebound in the price of Dogecoin occurred after Elon Musk announced through his Twitter account that SpaceX, his commercial rocket company, will embark on a trip to the moon in 2022. The which will be paid in full with Dogecoin.

Ethereum 2.0: Now you can sign the transaction to be a validator with your Ledger Nano S

The latest firmware update for the Ledger Nano S wallet adds the ability to sign the deposit agreement transaction for Ethereum 2.0, directly from the wallet. This signature, plus the 32 ETH deposit, makes the user a validator of the network.

The novelty is possible because, now, this version of the Ledger wallet is compatible with the EIP-2333 seed derivation algorithm. This cryptographic functionality will allow you to securely sign the transaction, informs the manufacturer in a statement.

EIP-2333 compatibility was already available for the Nano X model, also made by the Ledger company. As developer Carl Beekhuizen, author of the aforementioned Enhancement Proposal (EIP), explains, the specification is designed to be a standard in Ethereum. It provides security benefits and is even designed to resist the advancement of quantum computing.

In this way, Ledger Nano S now becomes a safe way to be part, as a validator, of the new version of Ethereum that already has a support of more than USD 11 million. At the time of writing, blockchain 2.0, which incorporates proof of stake (PoS), has 133,831 validators.


, Ethereum hit a new all-time high above $ 4,200!, Forex-News, Forex-News

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, Ethereum hit a new all-time high above $ 4,200!, Forex-News, Forex-News

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