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, Disney Will Use Blockchain To Fight Piracy, Forex-News, Forex-News
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Disney Will Use Blockchain To Fight Piracy

, Disney Will Use Blockchain To Fight Piracy, Forex-News, Forex-News


, Disney Will Use Blockchain To Fight Piracy, Forex-News, Forex-News
, Disney Will Use Blockchain To Fight Piracy, Forex-News, Forex-News

Through a recent publication, it was known that Disney will use Blockchain. Yes, Disney has developed a movie distribution system with exhibitors that encrypts files using passwords to ensure their protection against piracy. Using for this also the technology of the blockchain or Blockchain.

The system, created by Disney in 2018, was recently published in the United States Patent Office. And, it serves as a distribution tool between the producers and distributors with the exhibitors.

As stated in the patent, entitled ‘Blockchain configuration for the secure delivery of content’, the use of security mechanisms seeks to eliminate the risks of files being leaked in the process of sending them.

Disney wants to prevent proactive hacking with Blockchain

In addition, the fact that Disney will use Blockchain, will prevent piracy through this technology proactively, instead of reactively as is often the case today. By using watermarks to identify leaks after they occur.

The Disney system uses a program that serves to receive the files. But it also records their reproductions and generates public keys to decrypt the contents of the movies, which are saved through the use of Blockchain.

In this way, the use of the blockchain serves as a distribution system. And at the same time it records the activity of the file. For example, the times it has been reproduced or preventing it from being seen before the date stipulated by the production company.

The audiovisual industry is trying to fight piracy with all kinds of measures. In addition to offering streaming platforms that facilitate access to content, they also seek to close websites and limit their accessibility by users. Now, Disney has gone one step further and has patented a new way of distributing movies to prevent them from being pirated.

Blockchain technology against piracy in the cinema

In that fight we now find a blockchain-based system that Disney has patented. And, which focuses on the way content is delivered to cinemas.

Today, the copies are encrypted, and are often sent on hard drives to theaters, or via the Internet to the servers of theaters for display. Each copy has its keys to be able to show it at specific times. In addition to unique watermarks, limiting the possibility that someone can copy them and that they end up being filtered.

That’s why in the patent, titled “Blockchain configuration for secure content delivery,” Disney focuses on preventing hacking rather than reaction. Since, although a filtered copy has a watermark, in the end its leakage has already occurred and cannot be avoided.

In the system they have designed, the distribution process is more precisely controlled, making it impossible for a movie to play before it reaches the final location. In addition to only allowing it to be reproduced on that site. In addition, the system can detect how many times a movie has been played to see if there have been more reproductions and if these have been used to pirate the content.

They could apply it beyond theaters

In the patent, Disney also refers to “playback environments.” Where it can not only refer to cinemas, but to content licensed to other platforms.

As we can see, this is focused on large platforms and cinemas, and for now it will not prevent users from pirating the content of their streaming platforms, which is usually available to watch in just minutes after its publication. Piracy in streaming is carried out by downloading and decrypting the content data, which is known as WEB-DL, or by recording the broadcast with a video capture device, which is known as WEBRIP, and whose quality is somewhat lower.


, Disney Will Use Blockchain To Fight Piracy, Forex-News, Forex-News

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, Disney Will Use Blockchain To Fight Piracy, Forex-News, Forex-News

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