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Did the DeFi hike end?


During the last months, decentralized finance (DeFi) has been the true protagonists of the crypto market. Thanks to the surprising increase in the value of projects in this sector, with the consequent increase in the interest it generates among crypto users. However, after several months of boom, the figures compiled by Ceteris Paribus in the Tweet of the day seem to indicate that the DeFi hike is over:

DeFi on the rise

For a long time decentralized finance was considered by some to be the future of the crypto market. And, according to the defenders of the DeFi, they would release all the financial energy held back by the limitations of traditional finance. Generating a new momentum in economic growth worldwide, based on cryptocurrencies.

However, it wasn’t until the middle of this year that the DeFi rise caught the attention of crypto users. Leading millions of dollars in investments to enter a market that, until then, had been considered a marginal part of the crypto world. Which, of course, led to an increase in demand for DeFi tokens.

Thanks to this, in just a few weeks, the main DeFi projects increased their price exponentially. Bringing astronomical profits to its first users, and attracting new investors. In a cycle that gave birth to one of the most important rises in the history of the crypto world, which, however, seems to have come to an end.

«DeFi and ETH summer highs and lows. Most of the highs were reached between August 15 and September 1«.

, Did the DeFi hike end?, Forex-News, Forex-News
The figures seem to indicate that the DeFi hike is over. Source: Ceteris Paribus

Thus, as can be seen in the graph that accompanies the Ceteris Paribus tweet, most of the DeFi tokens reached their maximum price between August 15 and September 1. Suffering true collapses in its price by up to 92% of its value, in a realignment of the markets that could indicate the end of the rise of DeFi.

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