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Did Satoshi Nakamoto appear? – TREND CRYPT


The news that the Bitcoin community has been speculating on recently is this: Is there a chance that Satoshi Nakamoto mobilized his Bitcoins for the first time since he created the cryptocurrency more than a decade ago? So did Satoshi Nakamoto genuinely appear?

We must remember that Satoshi Nakamoto is the pseudonym for him, or the creators of Bitcoin in 2008. These names are attributed to who or who created the Bitcoin protocol and its reference software.

“40 #BTC ($ 391,055) transferred from a possible #Satoshi-owned wallet (inactive since 2009) to an unknown wallet. The coins in this transaction were mined in the first month of Bitcoin’s existence. ”

According Whale Alert, the initial 40 BTC were the ones that gave the suspicion. This was followed by a move for 9.99 BTC; achieving with this what is known as settlement of the account.

50 BTC movement in the account of, supposedly, Satoshi Nakamoto. Source:

The relevant thing is that according to, these tokens were mined in the first month of Bitcoin’s existence, and the movement corresponds to this direction:

, Did Satoshi Nakamoto appear? – TREND CRYPT, Forex-News, Forex-News
Information about the transaction that suggests the appearance of Satoshi Nakamoto, where 50 Bitcoin were moved through 2 transactions. Source:

Why is it believed to be Satoshi Nakamoto?

As mentioned earlier, these tokens were created in February 2009, and have not been mobilized since then. Also, obviously, it is known that this would not be the only wallet for this character.

The reason the date is important is that, at the time, nobody knew of the existence of Bitcoin, except for 3 characters, of which one is already dead: Hal Finney.

It is certainly possible that Finney’s family may be behind this movement. However, Satoshi has the same possibilities, and the same Martti Malmi. However, it also highlights that the transactions of this account have been done in a somewhat complex way, as if trying to hide something.

All of the above has awakened all kinds of conspiracy theories about it. Most likely, we will continue to monitor these addresses and transactions, to determine whether or not this is Satoshi Nakamoto.

Additional Information

At this point we hear a lot about blocks again “Patoshi” This term refers to those blocks that researchers believe were mined early in the history of BTC, by a single large miner with> 1M BTC, which many believe is Satoshi.

Regarding this point, there are many hypotheses that even claim to have deciphered the mining rhythm of Satoshi Nakamoto himself. This was particularly interesting to those who commented on the tweet where Whale Alert reported the suspicion.

Among those commenting on this event, Nic Carter, who is a partner at Castle Island Ventures, co-founder of, and financial analyst, stands out.

“Note that it is basically impossible to prove that Satoshi did not mine these coins, but the best research we have suggests that Satoshi mined a specific set of blocks, of which this is not one.”

In his account (@nic_carter), he considers that certain indications deny that Satoshi Nakamoto appeared. According to him, the blocks that are believed to be Satoshi have a specific pattern, which this block from which the mobilized BTCs were taken does not have.

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