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Dash should not be considered a private cryptocurrency


In a recent interview, Fernando Gutiérrez, the CMO of Dash Core Group. He indicated that the cryptocurrency of the Dash project should not be considered a private cryptocurrency. Therefore, privacy is optional in Dash.

“Dash is a payments cryptocurrency. With a strong focus on usability. That includes speed, cost, ease of use, and user protection. Through optional privacy.

Quite the contrary, to what Fernando Gutiérrez offered, since the publication of his White Book, which is entitled: “Dash, a privacy-focused crypto currency”.

Dash Core Group

Without a doubt, it is the organization that is at the forefront of the development of the Blockchain Dash. Which, from the beginning, was presented as the first crypto currency. Focused on privacy, based on the work of Satoshi Nakamoto.

Dash was launched in 2014 as a Bitcoin Hard Fork. Originally called XCoin, then Darkcoin, and finally Dash. Which, was positioned as an asset focused on privacy.

CMO: “It is not focused on privacy”

According to his White Paper, Gutiérrez offered Dash as an alternative project. Mentioning the Private Send function, an adapted version of the CoinJoin protocol.

In this regard, Gutiérrez explained: “The technology that Dash uses in our Private Send feature is CoinJoin. Which is a technique to complicate transactions. To the point that it is more difficult to examine them”.

Well, the CoinJoin approach came on the scene in 2013. Essentially, allowing Bitcoin users to mix their transactions into a group to make it difficult to track.

Subsequently, Dash took exactly this same approach. And it made it a more convenient built-in option for Dash senders.

Also, the Dash Core Group CMO explained that the privacy approach in Dash is probabilistic. And that the Dash Blockchain is public. From what he considers, that Dash should not continue to be classified as a private cryptocurrency.

He also indicated that Dash Core Group has no position on the offer from the Internal Revenue Service of the United States (IRS for its acronym in English).

Offer to track transactions

This refers to the recent $ 768,000 contracts from this government agency. For tools for tracking transactions with private crypto assets.

Specifically, who may violate the privacy of Monero. So, how to track Bitcoin Lightning Network transactions (BTC).

As a curious fact, the official proposal indicated that the IRS would accept submissions in the form of working prototypes. If accepted, applicants would receive an initial payment of $ 500,000.

In fact, these contracts were awarded to the analysis firms Blockchain Integra FEC and Chainalysis. The latter reported in June this year that it would track cryptocurrency transactions classified as private. For example, ZCash and Dash.

Gutiérrez actually replied: «It does not apply or threaten Dash in any way. The Dash Blockchain is public. There is nothing to decipher«.

I end with this phrase from Jerry Smith: «Security is not expensive, it is invaluable«.

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