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, China BSN and TON Labs partner, Forex-News, Forex-News
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China BSN and TON Labs partner

, China BSN and TON Labs partner, Forex-News, Forex-News

, China BSN and TON Labs partner, Forex-News, Forex-News

According to an announcement issued on Monday, BSN and TON Labs sign a partnership agreement on the use of the Telegram Blockchain.

Specifically, TON Labs and BSN, the Chinese network of services based on Blockchain, are collaborating to create applications on the TON protocol, created by Telegram.

TON implementation

For its part, TON Labs will adapt the TON protocol built by Telegram to meet the demands of Chinese regulations.

Therefore, the implementation of the TON network in BSN China will be an Open Permissioned Blockchain (OPB) version.

To better understand, the OPB is designed for the public Blockchain to legally enter the Chinese market. Also, so that it complies with the regulations.

As part of the partnership, BSN will have developer access to TON technology. Like all other software products added to the BSN network, TON will adapt to the requirements of Chinese regulators.

In this regard, He Yifan, CEO of Red Date Technology, a founding member of BSN stated that: «We are very impressed with the actual performance of TON technology in throughput, speed and latency. Which opens up opportunities for use cases that require higher levels of scalability».

In addition, he added: «BSN sets the stage for TON Labs to enter the Chinese market. And, provide your technologies and services to Chinese companies and developers legally».

Mainly, Chinese developers will like the implementation of TON in the BSN system. They will be able to develop many applications based on it. As for TON Labs, working together will add value to the TON Blockchain.

Association benefits

Basically, Cyril Paglino, CEO of TON Labs, referring to the potential benefits of the collaboration for both partners. He indicated that it was a testament to the possibility of creating useful alliances between decentralized and centralized companies.

«It is a creative approach to send a strong message that a company, a country, a people, even when faced with certain legal obstacles. They can still find a way to use technology meant for everyone on the planet.».

Telegram and TON

As a curious fact, despite the fact that Telegram abandoned the TON Blockchain after regulatory pressure on its Gram token project. The technology behind the project still stands.

To recall, after a long legal battle with US regulators, Telegram agreed to shut down its Blockchain Telegram Open Network (TON) project.

Thus, as returning 1.2 billion dollars to its investors, all this in compliance with the final agreement approved by the court.

Currently, instead of being managed by the courier service. The protocol is now owned by the community, under the protection of the Free TON network.

Public blockchain and BSN

As is known, in February, Cosmos became the first public Blockchain to be added to BSN China.

Similarly, TON is the latest public Blockchain from BSN China. And, given the strict regulatory environment in China, the BSN project has two main implementations: BSN China and BSN International.

By way of closing, Cyril Paglino expressed: «What we have here is a small step towards a giant leap that will build bridges between the decentralized and centralized worlds. In a way that everyone wins».

I say goodbye with this phrase from Napoleon Hill: «A winner never quits. And whoever quits never wins!».

, China BSN and TON Labs partner, Forex-News, Forex-News

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, China BSN and TON Labs partner, Forex-News, Forex-News

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