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Blockchain would make the difference between censorship and moderation


During an interview with the CoinTelegraph news portal, the executive and founder of Aragon, Luis Cuende, bet on the blockchain. According to him, the Blockchain would make the difference between censorship and moderation on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

According to his statements, a decentralized platform would allow a development close to perfection on social networks. This is due to recent complaints from users about the strict moderation policies of the aforementioned networks.

Some people claim that it is not about moderation, but about censorship. Among them, Cuende himself, for whom censorship appears when the norms are dictated by a party and are not the result of the supervision of the entire community.

Censorship or moderation? the difference would be made by Blockchain

For weeks, social media platforms have been penalizing user accounts. Many of them claim that the censorship is exaggerated. Others consider, on the contrary, that the measures are not strong enough against offensive comments.

In this sense, Cuende believes that moderation should be a task for the entire community of a given network and not for a group of administrators. Decentralized audits, he explains, are the best way to control these spaces.

In this sense, its Aragon platform is dedicated precisely to this type of work based on the blockchain. With this, he asserts, the censorship of the administrators of social networks is avoided and, at the same time, opens the way to true moderation, whose difference, in this case, would be marked by the Blockchain.

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Censorship on social media is currently a very controversial issue. Luis Cuende de Aragon assures that the difference between this and moderation would be marked by Blockchain technology.

Twitter ready to take on the Blockchain challenge

The sympathy of Jack Dorsey of Twitter with the Blockchain and everything related to cryptocurrencies should be highlighted, for his part. So much so that another Dorsey company, Square, recently announced that it invested 1% of its capital in Bitcoin.

Despite this, Cuende explains that it is too early to outline the steps that Aragon will take to join social networks like Twitter. When consulted by the aforementioned media, he affirms that working together is “a matter of time”, since in this case, Blockchain would make a big difference.

Detailing a little more about his project, the interviewee states that, with the help of Blockchain, a “Supreme Court” can be established. In this, those who are under the magnifying glass of moderation, will be able to appeal decisions in a transparent way.

Although it is a program in beta phase, it explains that, in this court, all participants of the network will be able to vote. This measure ensures that the most comprehensive moderation standards are met in place of the current censorship that operates on social media.

Consensus on standards

Avoiding censorship to move to a new stage of moderation, based on consensus on the norms is, in conclusion, Aragon’s goal.

For Cuende, a real sense of justice is ensured, whose difference would be marked by Blockchain, because, with this technology, the regulations can be managed by the users themselves.

I believe that censorship is when the rules are defined by one of the parties. Moderation is when there is a consensus on the rules. So otherwise I think if Twitter and Facebook were really controlled by their users, in a way that feels fair to everyone, then we could collectively decide the rules.”, He concludes.

Data to take into consideration

  • Aragon is a Blockchain platform, whose purpose is to bring transparency in the rules of moderation in social networks.
  • Luis Cuende, founder of this platform believes that users can create the rules of moderation to print a greater sense of justice.
  • Explain that, if the rules are decided by a group of administrators, they stop being moderation to become censorship.
  • Some social networks such as Twitter, have stated that they are open to the application of Blockchain to correct problems of this type.

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