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Blockchain technology in China gains ground


Blockchain technology continues to stand out in the digital world, for this reason, Chinese industries use it to create a blockchain-based news department.

Certainly, this has been possible thanks to a group of 12 organizations, which aim to develop a communication system that is of higher quality than the current one. On the other hand, the news was released thanks to a recent publication from the Chinaemail portal.

Who are these project participants and what are their objectives?

The entrepreneurial group of 12 organizations that seeks to use Blockchain technology, is distributed in various departments or companies, among which you can find:

  • Television stations
  • Local newspapers.
  • Radio stations.
  • Digital news portals, such as web pages.
  • Among others.

This group of 12 companies is in search of a solution to communication problems. The main idea is that you use conventional technology with the Blockchain network. And its objective is to achieve a content exchange network through it.

Even the project already has a name and a purpose. The name is: National Department of Blockchain News Editing. This will be in charge of making a massive distribution of audiovisual or multimedia content, which will be registered as blocks in the Blockchain network that they use.

On the other hand, some of the main departments or companies that make up the entrepreneurial group that seeks to use Blockchain technology are: Hubei Radio, Shanghai Poster Industry Group News, Guizhou Daily Tianyamn News and Yunbao News.

Some of these organizations can be found in China’s capital Beijing.

Improving the media with Blockchain technology

This project based on Blockchain technology initially aims to improve the communication system of the media that are responsible for distributing news. However, over time the vision of this group of organizations is likely to be altered.

In other words, it seeks to use Blockchain technology in various media, in order to achieve reform in the different departments. Therefore, in the precepts and objectives of this novel project, the following stand out: logic of thought, mode of organization, form of assets, and finally the technical framework.

China bets on blockchain

Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that China has shown some acceptance towards the blockchain. This can not only be seen by the different projects in development, it can also be noticed by the comments of many important characters in the region.

Among one of the users, you can find Wu Tong, one of the deputy directors of the CECBC Blockchain Committee and the Ministry of Commerce, who was commenting on the matter. Among which the following mention stood out:

“In terms of Blockchain development, the country has made better progress, giving an example of the ‘intensive’ development of collective Blockchain learning across the country.”


In closing, it can be concluded that China certainly demonstrates a strong attachment to the blockchain. Therefore, it is likely to continue to be used in various projects, as this allows organizations to protect themselves against copyright, as well as add more value to news.

That said, it should also be mentioned that the Chinese Blockchain-based Service Network was recently launched officially. Therefore, it can be said that the adoption of this technology in China is unstoppable and that it will surely continue to be used in the future.

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