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, Bitcoin price at $ 500,000?, Forex-News, Forex-News
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Bitcoin price at $ 500,000?

, Bitcoin price at $ 500,000?, Forex-News, Forex-News

, Bitcoin price at $ 500,000?, Forex-News, Forex-News

Financial and investment advisory giant The Motley Fool has announced that it will invest $ 5 million in Bitcoin. With the expectation that the price of Bitcoin will rise to $ 500,000.

Announced via a blog post and on Twitter, the company stated that it will not “buy overvalued ETFs.” If not, it will “buy Bitcoin directly.” Will the price of Bitcoin settle at $ 500,000?

It currently ranks fifth globally in the investment category according to SimilarWeb, and with 87 million website visits per month. The Motley Fool outlined three main reasons behind the purchase: Bitcoin is a better store of value than gold, is an effective hedge against inflation and has the potential to become a transactional asset.

The firm will invest in Bitcoin through its 10X real money portfolio as one of 40 assets, which it anticipates will provide a 1,000% return over the next 15 years.

The firm recommended the digital asset as a primary holding for all of its 10X members. And it gave them time to buy BTC before The Motley Fool started his own purchase.

The world’s largest cryptocurrency, it has been on a bull run since the end of 2020, and BTC shows no signs of slowing down on the charts. However, the crypto has been subject to minor corrections along the way, especially after setting all-time highs one after another.

Ethereum is approaching $ 2,000

Ethereum (ETH) spiked to new all-time highs on Thursday. However, there are those who claim that greater volatility is on the way in the short term.

The second largest cryptocurrency by market value set the new high at $ 1,928. Having passed for the first time the previous peak of $ 1,821 reached on February 13.

The price of Ethereum has also noticed a great deal of investor confidence. Currently, the price of Ethereum is USD 1,911 growing 1% in the last 24 hours, according to our Crypto Online tool.

Kia Motors America, victim of a ransomware attack demanding $ 20 million in Bitcoin

Kia Motors America has reportedly been the victim of a ransomware attack demanding more than $ 20 million in Bitcoin.

Ransomware group DoppelPaymer demands 404.5 BTC (currently valued at $ 20.8 million) to pay for a decryption tool or the stolen data will be shared with the public, BleepingComputer reported Wednesday.

This amount demanded would increase to 600 Bitcoins (more than USD 30.6 million) if it is not paid within 10 days.

Kia Motors America is experiencing a severe IT outage that is taking its website, phone services, and web systems offline.

BleepingComputer said it had “obtained a ransom note that we were told was created during an alleged cyberattack on Kia Motors America by the DoppelPaymer gang.”

Later, the automotive company told BleepingComputer that it has no evidence that it suffered a ransomware attack.

It’s unclear what data the group might have stolen, according to the report.

Bit2Me proposes to invest in BTC as a store of value

In Spain, the Bit2me firm has launched a physical advertising campaign to encourage users to invest in Bitcoin as a store of value and to think about a change in the economic paradigm.

From Bit2Me they stated: “It is reliable, transparent, decentralized and it is here to stay».

The article in Bolsamanía indicated: The platform (Bit2me) has decided to display about 800 posters on the streets of the capital, in front of emblematic buildings such as the Bank of Spain or the Madrid City Council, with messages such as: «The revolution has just begun. Welcome to Bitcoin ».

Bit2Me CEO Leif Ferreira said:

«There is no need to be afraid of fairer and more transparent money. It is a system in which every transaction is reflected.

, Bitcoin price at $ 500,000?, Forex-News, Forex-News

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, Bitcoin price at $ 500,000?, Forex-News, Forex-News

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