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, Bitcoin Mining This Week: Hackers and Record Hourly Profits Among Highlights, Forex-News, Forex-News
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Bitcoin Mining This Week: Hackers and Record Hourly Profits Among Highlights

, Bitcoin Mining This Week: Hackers and Record Hourly Profits Among Highlights, Forex-News, Forex-News

, Bitcoin Mining This Week: Hackers and Record Hourly Profits Among Highlights, Forex-News, Forex-News

With a Bitcoin price hitting 50K at the end of this week, the mining business continues to generate shocking news. For the second consecutive week in this Sunday summary, the issue of the environmental impact of extraction is addressed. In that sense, some call for green hackers to attack the pioneer cryptocurrency.

Other digital currencies such as ETH, also saw significant movements when it comes to their mining. It should be remembered that the week before, they received a record number in one hour. In that period of time, they reached $ 3.5 million. Bitcoin miners also followed suit, raising $ 4 million.

The rise of the crypto mining business continues to attract thousands of people, which has raised the hashrate of that network. At the same time, that boom has raised alarms among conservationists. Some believe that mining wreaks havoc on the environment due to high energy consumption.

This was the main news this week in Bitcoin mining

This week, the mining of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, generated important news. In this customary Sunday summary, we review the five most outstanding pieces of information, these were the main headlines:

  1. Environmentalists call on hackers to boycott Bitcoin.
  2. Bitcoin miners raised $ 4 million in one hour.
  3. Altcoin miners would be buying laptops in bulk.
  4. A batch of 20 thousand miners was bought by a Russian customer.
  5. Bitcoin hashrate remains at new levels.

Environmentalists call on hackers to boycott Bitcoin

In what can be considered an endless debate, environmentalists this week again lashed out at Bitcoin mining. Some groups that protect environmental well-being, maintain their public denunciation of the alleged damage of crypto mining to the environment.

But the funny thing is that this time their accusations were not just words, but also called for an active crusade. The declared war against the leading cryptocurrency consists of the incorporation of green hackers to attack Bitcoin. From a post on Medium, the author featured as Frank Laroy, unambiguously calls for “destroying Bitcoin.” He categorically assures that the cryptocurrency is the «worst energy waster in human history».

Given the high computing power of Bitcoin and the high security of the Blockchain network, its success is unlikely. This seems to be known to the author, since he makes the call to trade against the price of Bitcoin. This, in his opinion, while reporting money gains, helps the “environmental cause.”

Bitcoin miners raised $ 4 million in an hour

The growth in the price of Bitcoin in recent months has allowed miners to obtain important figures in money. Currently, the daily income exceeds 50 million dollars. In that sense, crypto mining becomes one of the businesses with the highest returns.

Thus, Bitcoin mining this week broke a new record when it comes to revenue. In the span of an hour, the income from this activity reported the equivalent of US $ 4 million. This is the largest money-raising in history by miners in that time frame.

At the time of writing, the price of Bitcoin is above $ 49,000. This allows the amounts to be increasing. That revenues continue to rise will depend on the current Bitcoin bull run continuing to shape itself to continue breaking historical records.

Altcoin miners may be buying laptops in bulk

If China surprises with Bitcoin mining, images were released this week of a laptop farm mining altcoins in that country. The new model of laptop GeForce RTX Series 3000 of the company Nvidia, could be being bought in bulk by miners.

They would be arranged in mining farms of ETH, the native digital currency of the Ethereum Blockchain network. According to the information provided by Weibo users, «a laptop mine is ready»They wrote.

Some news portals corroborated the information that laptops are used to mine ETH. The aforementioned Nvidia laptops hit the Chinese market in early January and have a value of $ 1,000 to $ 2,000. All this indicates that, with mining, they cover their cost and that of the electricity of the Asian country.

A large batch of 20 thousand miners was bought by a Russian customer

Large-scale purchases of Bitcoin mining equipment are keeping up with investment this week from a Russian customer. The person would have acquired about 20 thousand ASIC mining machines.

The machines of the anonymous client of the BitRiver company have a consumption of 70 MWh, explained Igor Runets, CEO of that firm. According to this consumption, it is estimated that it is the largest equipment purchase in the history of Russia. They, it is noted, were purchased in December 2020 and connected almost immediately.

For security reasons, the mining company did not reveal the name of its client. However, they expressed that the massive purchase had an approximate value of between 40 and 60 million dollars.

Bitcoin hashrate remains at high levels

The computing power of the most important of the digital currencies remains at high levels. This represents a safety plus for Bitcoin mining and is one of the most outstanding news of this week.

According to the latest data from the portal, the Bitcoin hashrate is approaching 160 EH / s. Thus, with the increase in the computation, the difficulty settings will continue to rise, making the mathematical puzzles that miners must solve to process blocks more complex.

The latter means that the security and health of the Blockchain network of that cryptocurrency are kept at an optimal level. On the other hand, the difficulty of the network remains at its highest historical level, reaching 21.43T, according to data from

Data to take into consideration

  • BitRiver’s Russian customer, bought about 20,000 mining rigs. According to the firm, the purchase was around 60 million dollars.
  • Chinese miners of ETH, begin to monopolize the new models of laptops of the company Nvidia.
  • Green hackers declare a crusade to “eliminate Bitcoin”, which they consider an “enemy of the environment.”
  • However, the high level of computing power on the network makes it virtually impossible for hackers to pose a danger.

, Bitcoin Mining This Week: Hackers and Record Hourly Profits Among Highlights, Forex-News, Forex-News

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, Bitcoin Mining This Week: Hackers and Record Hourly Profits Among Highlights, Forex-News, Forex-News

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