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, Bitcoin (BTC) and the new generations, Forex-News, Forex-News
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Bitcoin (BTC) and the new generations

, Bitcoin (BTC) and the new generations, Forex-News, Forex-News

, Bitcoin (BTC) and the new generations, Forex-News, Forex-News

It is expected that as the new generations come of age and financial independence, they will tend to prefer Bitcoin over gold.

So, for the team of analysts of the JPMorgan Global Market Strategy group, if the trend of increasing confidence in Bitcoin in the new generations continues, it will be Bitcoin that exceeds gold by 10 times.

As if that weren’t enough, the next few decades will see the most significant transfer of wealth in history. Let’s hope it is like that.

For the moment, we will give some examples of this new generation, who have been involved with the use of Bitcoin (BTC).

Blockchain project to educate the new generations

In this sense, initiatives have been developed to explain to new generations what Blockchain is and what cryptocurrencies are.

Such is the case of Pigzbe, a cryptocurrency wallet with which children can learn by playing about the crypto world and money. A kind of digital piggy bank for children that is based on the belief that cryptocurrencies will be part of the daily life of new generations.

In other initiatives for the financial education of children regarding Bitcoin (BTC), the digital magazine Wired, published a video.

About, Bettina Warburg, explained the concept of Blockchain in five different levels of difficulty to five people of different ages and degrees of preparation.

In the specific case of the girl, Warburg used simple words. Making the little girl perfectly understand the central idea about Blockchain.

Teens Arrested After Paying With Bitcoin

Two 17-year-old Italians were arrested for paying with Bitcoin (BTC). To see children raped, tortured and murdered on live broadcast.

In this way, the Italian police explained: «Users who were able to reach such dark environments can participate in acts of sexual violence and torture against minors».

In fact, there have been many worldwide reports on the use of Bitcoin and other crypto assets. Specifically, in the trafficking of child pornography.

For example, in late June, Spanish law enforcement agencies eliminated a circle of child pornography. Which used Bitcoin transactions to pay for content.

The 12-year-old boy who became a millionaire with Bitcoin

Indeed, let’s read this positive side, Erik finman, from Idaho USA, made a bet with his parents. In truth, if you made a million dollars before you turned 18, you wouldn’t have to go to college.

In particular, Finman discovered Bitcoin when his older brother took him to an Occupy Wall Street protest. He said that from that point on he fell in love with the potential of Bitcoin.

So he used all his money in Bitcoin. With a first investment of $ 10 and a subsequent investment of $ 1,000 that he received from a birthday present from his grandmother.

In this regard, Finman ended up selling his first investment for $ 100,000 and, when he was 15 years old, he used that money to start his online educational business called Botangle.

To make his fortune, Finman sold Botangle for an offer where he had to decide between 300 Bitcoins or $ 100,000 in cash. He opted for Bitcoins and added more until he exceeded 400.

On the other hand, youtubers children who explain about Bitcoin have also emerged. The best known case is that of CryptoCoin Kid. It is about a Hawaiian boy named Kamea Aloha. Which explains in a simple and quite funny way the different characteristics of cryptocurrencies and others.

On Halloween some children received Bitcoin

True enough, Brad Mills, the cryptocurrency user, gave away at least $ 400 worth of Bitcoin gift cards. Specifically, Canadian children trick-or-treating on Halloween.

One boy told his group of friends: «I just received a $ 100 Bitcoin gift card».

JPMorgan: Bitcoin will be worth 10 times more than gold

It should be noted that the Quantitative Strategy and Global Derivatives team of JPMorgan, one of the most important banks in the world, analyzed the future of Bitcoin as an investment asset.

“Older generations prefer gold, while younger generations prefer Bitcoin as an alternative currency.”

To conclude, with each passing day, Bitcoin is getting closer to being a global phenomenon and that will change the way we think. This year is just the beginning of a long career for cryptocurrencies. Therefore, the new generations have their doors open.

I say goodbye with this phrase from Ben Kingsley: «Whole generations will live for what he’s done».

, Bitcoin (BTC) and the new generations, Forex-News, Forex-News

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, Bitcoin (BTC) and the new generations, Forex-News, Forex-News

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