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Binance to list Hive on its exchange


The unfortunate episode that pitted Steem community members against Justin Sun seems to be drawing to a close. Well, after most of the members of the Steem Blockchain abandoned it to found their own cryptocurrency, Hive, Binance has announced that it will list this coin on its exchange. Closing the wounds that Sun’s “coup” could have left on the platform.

Sun’s coup

Although it seems that it has been longer, it has only been a few months since Justin Sun launched a coup against the Steem Blockchain. After the purchase of Steemit, the main app on the Steem chain, fears arose within the cryptocurrency community.

Which, in an attempt to fend off Sun’s newly acquired influence on the Blockchain, released an update freezing Justin Sun’s funds on Steem. Which is equivalent to withdrawing any voting power, and therefore influence, on the development of the cryptocurrency.

To which, Sun reacted by co-opting the Binance and Huobi exchanges, which, together with Poloniex, used their funds in Steem to vote in favor of granting the power of decision over the cryptocurrency to the delegates aligned with Justin Sun. In what was described by the community as a coup.

It was later revealed that Binance and Huobi decided to intervene, only because Sun had informed them that Steem was under attack, in an attempt to defend the Blockchain. So as soon as they learned the true story, they apologized to the community and withdrew their support for Sun.

Binance lists Hive

However, this did not end the shocks within the Steem chain. Which culminated with the departure of the majority of the cryptocurrency community. Which created through a hard fork, his own Steem-based project, known as Hive. In what seemed to be a sample of the existing grudges against Sun, Binance and Huobi for the coup.

However, it has now been revealed that Binance has decided to enlist Hive on their exchange. In what appears to be an attempted rapprochement to the crypto community sector distanced by Justin Sun’s actions. These actions being well received by the members of Hive.

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After Sun Binance’s coup d’etat announces it will enlist Hive

I have no problem with Hive showing up on those exchanges. You always want your tokens on exchanges, there are clients there, there are people who want your token, you want your users to have options” A former Steem developer comments on Hive’s inclusion in Binance.

In this way, a dark chapter in the history of cryptocurrencies seems to be closing. As well as, a confrontation that threatened the credibility of a crypto company the size and prestige of Binance. What makes this our Today’s Data here at CryptoTrend.

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