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Binance promotes Bitcoin in London


The biggest challenge for Bitcoin today is reaching massification. After all, the only way virtual currency will be able to challenge Fiat money globally, is if millions of people acquire and use BTC in their daily transactions. And to achieve this, it is important that people know the advantages that cryptocurrencies can bring to their lives. Thus, Binance promotes Bitcoin with ads at London bus stops.

The objective: massification

Much progress has been made since the birth of Bitcoin eleven years ago. And it is that, the first cryptocurrency in the world became in this very brief period of time from being just a technological curiosity, to being the most important financial asset of the decade. With an exponential increase both in its price and in the number of users on its Blockchain.

Furthermore, Bitcoin has managed to drive a true blockchain-based revolution. Well, even companies, governments and individuals who do not want to get involved with Bitcoin, for one reason or another, have recognized the value that Blockchain technology represents and the opportunities it offers. Thanks to which, hundreds of different cryptocurrencies with different technical capabilities have been born.

However, this does not mean that Bitcoin has achieved its initial goal of becoming a viable alternative to Fiat money. Since there are not yet a sufficient number of users using the cryptocurrency worldwide to purchase goods and services.

Binance promotes Bitcoin in London

Although there are several reasons why Bitcoin has not achieved the massification of its use. Including government obstacles, difficulties to scale, and few businesses accepting cryptocurrency. Probably the fundamental problem behind all these obstacles is the lack of knowledge about what the cryptocurrency offers, this being what Binance, the largest exchange in the world, tries to change.

Thus, the company founded and directed by Changpeng Zhao, has started an advertising campaign in the city of London. By placing advertisements at bus stops, promoting Bitcoin with the slogan ‘Money is evolving, it’s time to adapt«.

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Binance promotes Bitcoin with advertisements at London bus stops. Source: Binance

With this advertisement, the exchange would not only be promoting the use of its exchange platform. In addition, it would be bringing the knowledge about Bitcoin to people who until now have not been interested in cryptocurrencies. But that, thanks to Binance’s announcement, they could begin to investigate them, and become users of BTC and other crypto assets.

If the Binance campaign is successful, it could be replicated in other cities and with other mechanisms. What would further increase the knowledge about cryptocurrencies, and with the same the support they receive. Being potentially a catalyst for greater adoption of Bitcoin and other digital assets. Making this our Today’s Fact here at CryptoTrend.

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