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, Bet your ETH (8.55% APR) and roll over blocked funds, Forex-News, Forex-News
Ethereum Classic

Bet your ETH (8.55% APR) and roll over blocked funds

, Bet your ETH (8.55% APR) and roll over blocked funds, Forex-News, Forex-News


, Bet your ETH (8.55% APR) and roll over blocked funds, Forex-News, Forex-News

Tired of 0% interest on your fiat currency savings? Join the biggest cryptocurrency update and earn up to 8.55% Annualized Reward Rate (APR) on your deposit. Learn about SimpleFX options with ETH.

Learn about SimpleFX’s options for staking with ETH

The Ethereum 2.0 update is the next big thing in cryptocurrency. The second largest cryptocurrency is migrating from power-hungry proof-of-work (PoW) to much more efficient proof-of-stake (PoS). With the PoS system, funds used to validate transactions are locked and interest rates are earned as a reward.

You can stake your ETH, become a validator, and earn high interest on your deposit. Betting on ETH this year could be a good idea, as analysts expect the price of Ether to skyrocket should the update be successful. Staking is becoming more and more popular as validators can earn up to 8.55% APR. It’s no wonder more than $ 13 billion worth of ETH has already been staked as ETH 2.0. However, not everyone can run a validator node.

You need 32 ETH minimum (over $ 100k), a deep understanding of the Ethereum network and your infrastructure.

It is much easier to join SimpleFX Stake & Trade. It is a unique staking pool service, where you can invest frozen funds. Bet your ETH today. The sooner you do it, the greater the reward.

This is what you get with SimpleFX Stake & Trade:

  • No fees and no minimum deposits
  • Stable interest earnings on your ETH deposit
  • ETH 2.0 offers a high APR
  • Benefit from the rise in the price of Ethereum
  • Use staked funds to trade

Invest your bet coins. Trade stocks, currencies, gold, and cryptocurrencies. Cover your ETH 2.0 funds with brilliant leveraged shorts. By betting your Ether, you make a profit while helping the ETH community to secure the network and perform a historical update of the cryptocurrency.

200 times cheaper than traditional Ethereum transfers

Tired of paying high fees for your BTC or ETH transfers? We have you covered! SimpleFX engineers just integrated payments from Binance Smart Chain (BSC) for ten new cryptocurrencies.

Open the following accounts and enjoy BSC payments that cost $ 0.25 per transaction instead of $ 50 using traditional Ethereum ETC20 tokens:

  • BTC – Bitcoin
  • ETH – Ethereum
  • LINK – Chainlink
  • LTC – Litecoin
  • BCH – Bitcoin Cash
  • ZEC – Zcash
  • ETC – Ethereum Classic
  • DAI – Dai
  • DOT – Polkadot
  • XRP – Ripple
  • BAND – Band Protocol
  • XTZ – Tezos
  • ONT – Ontology
  • ADA – Cardano
  • ATOM – Cosmos
  • YFII –
  • EOS – Eos

The cost of the transaction is very affordable. Here are the SimpleFX payment rate and timing estimates for the BSC and ETH networks for May 2021:

, Bet your ETH (8.55% APR) and roll over blocked funds, Forex-News, Forex-News

Binance is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, and they are developing their payment ecosystem to help their clients make cheaper and faster transfers.

About SimpleFX

SimpleFX is a reputable trading application that has been in business since 2014. It was one of the first brokers to offer cryptocurrency accounts. You can contract Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin accounts with just one email.

The agile broker team is constantly improving its tools. They have recently created a native HarmonyOS app for Huawei users.

The purpose of SimpleFX is to provide the easiest way to trade globally. SimpleFX is mobile-first, but you can use the same app on all devices. Trade with SimpleFX WebTrader, the native application for iOS, Android or Huawei or MetaTrader4.

His team is always up to date with the new cryptocurrency trend. They offer the lowest transfer rates available; This is why they recently introduced Binance Coin, Binance USD, and the faster and cheaper Binance Smart Chain.

If you want to trade a stock or any other asset that they do not yet have in their offer, give them a tap, and most likely they are already working on it; if not, they will include your proposal in the product roadmap.

Sign up for SimpleFX with an email address, give it a try, and get on the ever-exciting global financial markets.


, Bet your ETH (8.55% APR) and roll over blocked funds, Forex-News, Forex-News

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, Bet your ETH (8.55% APR) and roll over blocked funds, Forex-News, Forex-News

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