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, Bakkt: New payment option for Starbucks, Forex-News, Forex-News
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Bakkt: New payment option for Starbucks

, Bakkt: New payment option for Starbucks, Forex-News, Forex-News

, Bakkt: New payment option for Starbucks, Forex-News, Forex-News

Some users of the Starbucks mobile app will be able to access the opportunity to pay for their favorite drinks with Bakkt Cash, as announced by the firm.

A long time has passed since crypto users dreamed of this. In fact, Bakkt’s parent company Intercontinetal Exchange (ICE) announced in 2018 that it was working to allow crypto for retail payments to be used.

Now, some time later, Adam White, president of Bakkt, has announced through his social networks the new great news:

“We are also reducing payment costs for merchants, which improves their bottom line. Open your app @Starbucks to see our first direct integration and select @Bakkt to enroll in our Early Access Program ”White expressed on Twitter.

However, coffee giant Starbucks emphasized that the Bakkt Cash option is a limited beta test for now. This is precisely why, although the use of Bakkt Cash may be available, White emphasized that customers must first register for an Early Access Program.

“We are currently conducting a limited trial for our customers using the Bakkt payment method.”

A Starbucks spokesperson told the media.

In addition, Starbucks confirmed in a statement to be a partner in the strategic launch of Bakkt’s crypto wallet.

“We anticipate that a variety of cryptocurrencies will gain traction with customers, and through our work with Bakkt, we will be in a unique position to constantly consider and offer customers new and unique ways to pay seamlessly at Starbucks.”, he has communicated.

Bakkt, the giant of the crypto world

In this way, it is not surprising that Bakkt is considered one of the most promising initiatives in the crypto market. In fact, the company recently raised $ 300 million in a round of financing to keep moving forward.

Giants such as Microsoft M12, financial technology firm PayU, Boston Consulting Group and Goldfinch Partners participated in this round of financing. Not to mention those linked to the Blockchain industry, CMT Digital and Pantera Capital.

Likewise, along with the announcement of the funding round, Mike Blandina, CEO of the firm, also revealed that Bakkt had updated its website, revealing interesting details about the Bakkt app that is slated to launch this summer.

Not to mention, recently, the firm has acquired a customer loyalty services company called Bridge2 Solutions.

With the completion of our Series B financing and the recent acquisition of Bridge2 Solutions, Bakkt is now a team of 350 employees and driving loyalty programs for 7 of the top 10 financial institutions and more than 4,500 loyalty and incentive programs. , including two of the largest in US airlines ”, expressed himself in the blog post.

In this way, there is no room for doubt that Bakkt is committed to achieving its goals in 2020. In particular, increasing consumer adoption and driving ICE growth.

, Bakkt: New payment option for Starbucks, Forex-News, Forex-News

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, Bakkt: New payment option for Starbucks, Forex-News, Forex-News

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